A natural colorant to reduce the risk of heart diseases

Welcome to the health blog! Saff Lower Powder usually grown for its seed is one of the members of the sunflower family. Saff Lower Powder is famous with different names such as Carthamine, Beni, Chimichanga etc.

The powder is then used for different purposes and in different medicines, too. But the most frequent use of Saff Lower Powder is primarily associated with its ability to produce natural yellow color. The stories about this poser abound! It is said that Saff Lower Powder was used in the past for the purpose of cleansing – from generation to generation.

There’s a big difference between a natural and an artificial color especially when it is added as a flavor to enhance the taste of specific food. The use of artificial color is injurious to health. On the contrary, there’s no harm if you make use of a natural colorant, this will be to your own advantage. The latest studies show that the use of artificial colors in food can increase the risk of heart diseases. Now, the ball is in your court!

One of the reasons for the increased risks of heart diseases is the use of artificial colors in fast foods you get from the food shops or you eat at restaurants. There are lots of different reasons, too. But the use of an artificial color is one of them, too. So, we should make use of natural colors such as safflower powder. It is a natural color and it increases the taste of the food to an incredible extent.

Well, the medical use of safflower poser is different. In the medical field, it is grown to get its seeds down to the health benefits. The efforts should be made to use natural things instead of artificial ones. The way the artificial things work, life sometimes seems to be artificial, too.